Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh lawd is that Clintonite?
Can You Spot The Fun New Word I Learned Today In This Post

I feel like a Clintonite.

You know? How your dad or surly mom loved Reagan, looks back on Reagan, remembers the era fondly, only fondly on the good things and neglecting the reality? The Reaganites were proud of being conservative, upwardly mobile, hard-working, [white heterosexual].

I only remember the tail-end of the Reagan era, but it looks like it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, similar to Nine Inch Nails.

It's probably the age talking, but I feel now like they PROBABLY felt. Clinton was the greatest, look at him, just look at him, with some finger waving and eye glinting he shifts the world and political landscape. Paraphrased: "Democracy isn't about the rule of the majority, it's about minority rights..." and that's all I can remember because that's all that mattered.

And he loved sex, I mean he really loved sex!

That probably makes me some sort of fairly undetermined Neo-Democrat centrist who isn't afraid of embracing certain moral grandstanding and conservative thought as long as it doesn't trample on my rights, I'm sure slate will write an article about this group, give them 5 years and several bordering-on-pathological Why I Hate Zach Braff Articles.

The guy makes fluff movies, and hate is such a strong word. Hipsters too, why does slate...why do writers still hate hipsters? That's already an intensely outdated topic, anything hipsters like I have to hate.


Can we stop talking about how the East Village lost it's trashy luster? It isn't fair to say as New York was untouchable after 9/11, but certain hipsters are scabbing up NY and the E.V. with their presence, and good for them...

Just because they've gone through some Embourgeoisement doesn't make hipster artists any less crazed or any less nonsensical.

Thank god there is still nonsense in the world.

I sort of have to apologize, I have all of these stories involving my absence, stories involving hot bartenders, dead drug dealers, careers, and magazines, but like the Clintonite that I am, I can only hold two thoughts, thoughts on politics or thoughts on sex, and I just got through trolling Porno Tube


My must read list has pleasantly expanded (Can you believe I'm still trudging through 120 Days of Sodom, it's huge!)

The God Delusion by Dr. Richard Dawkins


Only Revolutions by Mark "Needs A Pen Name" Danielewski. Author of the INCREDIBLE MASTERPIECE House of Leaves which I have read and found to be one of the very few works of new fiction that can compete with the best of the classics

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