Monday, October 02, 2006

Apocalypse Foley
I'm Sore From Waltzing

No Foley DON'T DO IT!

IM logs are his digital smoking gun, how dare that perveted congressman...

Wait a minute, did that page just say he masturbates naked face down into a towel?

Damn that's fucking hot.


I recently purchased the new ultimate DVD version of Apocalypse Now, it's one of my favorite movies ever, it has both the original version and the Redux.

One of the final scenes is Marlon Brando's crazy Colonel Kurtz reading out loud, and what he reads is this, paraphrased: "We use jet planes to drop bombs on villages and to burn forests, but our government won't allow our boys to write the word 'FUCK' on the sides of bombs, because it's obscene."

Francis Ford Coppola's lovably jew-y voice on the commentary track talks about how that's the entire point of the movie. When you lie about big things like the Vietname war or, oh say, what exactly happened before 9/11 then you create a precedent of madness where massacre is excused but other lesser crimes are seen as morbidly important.

Is Foley the word 'Fuck' written on the side of a bomb

And if the church is allowed to protect their pedophiles, why not the Republicans

...the horror....the horror!

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