Saturday, October 28, 2006

Human Sexuality
What I've Learned From East Village Boys

New York city is hyper-sexual, you can't have one day without rubbing up to someone however unpleasant.

As a hyper-sexual city I have learned the following about male sexuality. There is no gray area of sexuality regarding males.

Now now, science is leaning towards my side. So as I was saying, men don't have a gray scale, they pretty much ARE homo or hetero (I will grant you a bisexual here or there as I would grant you the rare intersex individual, they exist, but chances are you'll only meet one or two your entire life).

The important difference in male sexuality is between the people "who know", and the people "who don't know." The people who "don't know" will eventually "know" in horrendous, terrible, and highly entertaining ways, triggered usually by someone who "knows."

Meaning I've got a sweet deal being surrounded by gorgeous girls and guys who "don't know." I fucking know!