Monday, October 23, 2006

Male Models
I Do What I Can

There was me, that was kevin, and my two droogs, they were Aussie Flapper Girl and Handjob, we called her Handjobbecause that was her name.

We walked to a bar to cause some trouble as we do every friday. There was a velvet rope and a door girl who was pretending to be angry. Aussie flapper girl quickly talked us into the bar by using her credentials (she is currently in India stalking Brad and Angelina).

We enter the bar already mildy intoxicated. Two characters emerge from the eclecticly closed off crowd.

Two male models.

PB and JS.

JS has spiky hair and sultry looks. He's got what looks like a killer body and one of those backsides that make you notice them on a man, the sort of bod whose lower back archues inward a little bit before continuing out in a bubble pucker of the cheeks.

He's the quiet one.

PB is long haired, feminine, and exotic, with the most luscious lips you've ever seen in your life. His green eyes and head are almost martian like, and pretty intense.

He's the insane one.

We chat up the boys and I'm friendly like because I've had enough alcohol to make people tolerable, and they want to come back to the Aussie Flapper Girl's place with us...well it might have been the case that we dragged them with us.

They come in and meet the dog (the one I'm currently taking care of), and we drink while JS accompanies Aussie Flapper Girl to buy cigs and Handjob and I are left behind talking to the insane PB.

He's taken a severe interest in me, talking to me about his mother, how she hates him, how he's done poppers and pills and coke, and how he's a communist. Handjob tries interrupting but he shushes her. I note that he's German somehow (I learn he's half a German), Handjob is jewish, I'm keeping an eye on that oven.

Aussie flapper girl returns with JS, the girls like him they talk about some nonsense while PB corners me in the kitchen.

He whispers into my ear.

"How did you know you"

"Well..." I start, "I was watching porn one time and I realized I like the guys..." and as I say this I pause because his head is gravitating towards mine.

Sure enough we start kissing pretty heavily.

He backs away and whispers, "I think I might be."

Now a more suave person would have said, "let's find out then" but I was shocked and awed into a subdued, "everything will be alright."

His friend JS didn't know, in fact, JS had suspected cuz he had caught PB peeking at him when he was naked mid-change.

I know, hot right?

Strangely enough I ended up with JS' number on my cell phone.


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