Thursday, October 05, 2006

Someone Give This Man A Cubicle
How To Make Your Blog Famous: Expose A Congressman

I was pleasantly surprised to find the anonymous blog that started the whole Foley scandal buried in a USA Today article.

It's so wonderfully shabby looking, and it still retains its noble's hard to believe that in three entries a national state of post-pubescent man-boy-love panic was started by it.

What's more, other news organizations had the Foley Emails and didn't bother to investigate:

Meanwhile, Florida newspapers - who were leaked copies of the e-mail with the Louisiana boy last year - defended their decision not to run stories. Both The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald were given copies of the e-mail, as were other news organizations, including Fox News.

They failed to find any sort of sexual nature to the email (the overtly sexual IMs came in after the email was exposed).

Clearly our media corp have never exchanged semi-lurid emails with others. How noble of them.

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