Monday, November 06, 2006

Haggard vs. Haggar
The Ministry of Self-Denial

Ted Haggard and Haggar of Capcom's Final Fight videogame series have two things in common. Both have a large fanbase, and both seem blatantly homosexual to all but the trained eye.

Notice the hard pectorals, hitler-esque 80's styled mustache, and lust for leather.

Now look at Haggard:

The first thing that pops out is the supernaturally aural bronze, the mark of a PNP meth sniffing party boy if I've ever seen one. The overall facial structures are what early homo sexualist researchers describe as Paul Lyndian (in modern vernacular: Gay Face).

Haggard strikes me as the homo creep who likes to cop fields.

Hehe, I sound like an old man..."cop fields."

After some research into the religious homo crisis (mainly done at the day job) it seems the followers of Christ have the following to say about Haggard and their faith:

Haggard, like all of us, is sinful. We are all Haggard, and therefore, it's ok that this happened.

All the rational people in the world call bullshit of course. I don't remember preaching hate while living out my own vices, but that's just me. I also don't have a belief that postulates that other people who don't agree with me end up tormented in hell, I think people get what they deserve here on this Earth...

Am I morally superior from most Super-Christians that would give in to their natural impulses who at least make the effort to spread God's word no matter how much they look like a hypocrite?

Yes I totally am, and don't you forget it.

Just look at him...some blame has to go to his wife too, I mean if you were a woman and THAT was coming on to you...what the hell were you thinking Mrs. Haggard?

Oh and I almost forgot:

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