Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Isn't Regis A Homo?
Sometimes It's Ok To Call Someone A Nigger! Like When They Get All uppity And Start Demanding Rights.

Despite the box office mojo of the Borat comedy movie, experts have reported "Comedy" at an all time low in North America.


"Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been."

And despite what his detractors on the internet say, Perez Hilton isn't a stupid chubby slob. Well played sir!


Rosie suggested that if Aiken had been a "straight guy, a cute guy" or, for instance, Mario Lopez, Ripa wouldn't have made the same remark. (Aiken, of course, has never said anything publicly about his sexuality.)

Since when the hell is Mario Lopez straight?? Think Rosie! Think!


"You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."

Kramer's new book is titled: "What I Think of Racial Minorities IF I was a Racist."

Can he crawl back to the zany neighbor racist asshole he slimed out of please?

Kramer In Blackface


I'm ugly Fucking awesome!

FCC word on American Etiquette: The word "nigger" has ceased being an exclusive adjective that demotes black people, it has become THE anti-civil rights word to insult the civil rights movement in America, from the woman's vote, all the way down to gay partnerships. IE We're all niggers, motherfucker

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