Tuesday, November 21, 2006

N Word
And Near The erection of Martin Luther King Jr's Monument No Less!

Party foul!

I am very scared of all the people who start thinking that it's vaguely appropriate for Kramer to resort to calling someone a nigger if he was being heckled at, like for instance the scary white chick that was pictured in that amNew York article's print version.

Ooh neo-nazi.

Fly G emailed me saying that Kramer was his hero because "he hates chicken mcniglets." I like my racists honest and flaaaaaming.

Friends of Richards came to his defense, saying his outburst was just a poor attempt -- by a talented physical comic with little experience in stand-up -- to pull off a shock tactic that only someone with the savvy of Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor could pull off.

I bought that for a second, but then I realized it's bullshit. It's entirely possible that Richards is a talented physical comic who isn't funny and is a racist. You just never know.

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