Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You Have Much To Learn Young Padawan

War crimes sought for Rumsfeld, is a non-story about Germans trying to get to Rumsfeld (two parties I don't TRUST).

Of note is the AP picture of Janis Karpinski, the woman in charge of Abu Ghiraib where all those fun naked games with the Muslims took place.

Karpinski, who was relieved of her command and demoted to colonel last year, said she wanted to "be a voice for my soldiers."

"They were tried and convicted in the world court before they ever set foot in any courtroom ... while people who are far more culpable and responsible have walked away blameless," Karpinski said during a presentation of the case in Berlin.

I don't know if she was scapegoated or not, but just look at how ugly she looks, and I don't mean ugly in the superficial "ew, no I don't want to talk to you" while at the bar sort of ugly. I'm talking about Emperor Palpatine ugly.

She and the Abu Ghraib crew are totally dork-sided ugly.


Hot doctor who is possibly australian invents an air guitar shirt with tiny jpeg of his face and shirt included in the article. Hellooooo doctor! ((riff))

Richard Dawkins lays the smackdown. I'm in your religion exposing ur lies

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