Thursday, November 16, 2006

Successful African Americans
They See Me Rollin', They Hatin

I cross the street when I see a black man walking towards me, I'll admit it.

I do it to piss them off, and it works!

Despite such inane insensitivities (whoo!) I love my fellow black men along with all other major and minor American minorities, the deformed for instance!

I'm allowed such vulgarities because I belong to two such freakish cultural institutions. Like all of Satan's heathenish spawn living in America, I ask myself...why would a minority, racial or otherwise, decide to become a Republican?

I can see how Mexicans would be anti-illegal immigration, or why a gay would be an atheist, but what sort of wonky sort of self-hating illogic exists within Black Republicans and the Loopy Log Cabin Republicans.

Our questions are answered in this thoroughly obsequious ode to the power of Republicans written by a "highly successful African American."

I urge you to read the whole odious thing to grasp the sort of mentality and see if you reach my conclusion of a "Republican Minority" who's drank too much of the party kool-aid.

Mr. John Ridley is educated enough to recognize how certain pockets of his "people" are immature and animal-like ("niggerish" to paraphrase from him), so too would a log cabin see his fellow sodomites as immature, irresponsible, and not caring in family values.

Fair enough.

Some sort of brain rot, however, has led to Mr. Riley's sad conclusion that these small pockets of extreme stupidity characterize all or "most" of the people with black skin. Like a good rotten egg, he jumps from one skillet into the fire (however that phrase goes) and ditches his main identity for that of the power-hungry fascist Republican party, mistaking their political saavy for some sort of real geo-political foreign policy genius!

In other words, these poor deluded souls don't realize that stereotypes are woefully irrational, and in their hastes to differentiate themselves from their "niggers" they get scooped up into the Republican base in order to alleviate their intense self-hate.

Fair enough, the danger here is that they're blind to their own party's stupidities. Notice how Riley never mentions Condoleeza's handling of Hurricane Katrina (gurl was shopping for shoes), or how Colin Powel--COLIN POWELL--got utterly BAMBOOZLED into telling the country there were WMDs in Iraq.

I hear he works at McDonalds somewhere now.

Ridley doesn't like the phrase Uncle Tom, let's see what wikipedia defines it as:

Uncle Tom is a pejorative for an African American who is perceived by other blacks as subservient to White American authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation.

We call them what they's is.


They did it! Those mad fools did it! They finally uploaded the ONE music vid I longed to see on Youtube, witness the awesomess of Joy Surrender by The Ark, left it up on the right hand side under Kink for further repeat viewings.

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