Friday, November 17, 2006

Yay Religion!
Check Out The Mustache on the Guy Who Wrote This Article.

Secular Queers are intolerant because Elton wants to ban religion

Yes yes, you all remember the great election held on the island of Lesbos where we made Elton John our head of state and unimpeachable mouthpiece for all homosexual secularist opinion?

The rainbow colored smoke puffed out of that marble palace and Elton was crowned our new king!

Ah yes what a glorious day that was.

I'm an atheist cocksucker (infinitely more hardcore than just a secular gay) and I happen to dsagree with our ambassador to the religious right Sir Elton John there. Religion can stick around as long as it's kept away from me and covered up firmly in a nice little bonnet while paraded outside in public.

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