Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At The Movies
Attack of the Blondes

[Start 15 year old girl mode]

I finally saw Borat with David, it was psychologically taut.

And yes, it did make me crack up more than once. It isn't the funniest movie ever made though, that movie is Mystery Science Theater 3000 the Movie.

I'm expanding my social group and liking it.

David, henceforth, shall be my movie friend.

I also now have, get ready for this, a STRAIGHT BOYFRIEND! We'll have to come up with a moniker for him soon. He has long blonde hair, is British, has a killer smile, and yeaaaah, I have a not-so-innocent mancrush on him. He's oh so cool.

Also I met a gay boy at a straight bar who's fun and a potential someone someone. ((cough)) We'll see. He's also blonde.

Oh and the Blonde Bartender gave me a free drink and kissed me on the cheek.


But ahem...speaking of blondes, I saw Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and found him to be super sexy despite being 69 years old. If you watch the film really closely, you can see Bond get whacked in the balls.

Keep on the look out for that!

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