Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Challenger Appears!!
This Is What I Did For Fun Before Drinking

I'm on a recent video game kick as of late.

Unlike movies, games get better with sequels, so you can imagine how good Final Fantasy 12 and Zelda 40 is (as opposed to the Godfather 3), they're both out now and I've been hacking away at Final Fantasy with the precious spare time that I have now what with all my socializing and media kit updating ((coughstopstalkingmeericcough)).

I'm not a chubby little 14 year old with no life anymore I'm afraid...

I was just now remembering fondly my time spent playing Street Fighter 2 in the local liquor store while my mother did laundry. They had about three to four arcade machines set up for all the bored local hoodlums to use.

I payed for some Japanese man's son's tuition with all the quarters I used on that machine.

While my time spent with games now is a mainly solitary experience (the journey from the southern lands to the northern Archadian empire by foot in FFXII was a slog comparable to the one made in Lord of the Rings to Mordor, beat that for geek porn talk), back then a two player challenge at a very public Street Fighter 2 machine was common.

Here's how it worked, you're a young thing playing a solo match with the computer, in walks this rough looking kid. He would normally size you up, watch you play for a while, you'd catch him out of the corner of your eye and try to scare him away with some hadokens and spinning kicks. Eventually he thinks he can takes you, so he'll nonchalantly slip in some quarters into the coin slot and start playing along with you...

Oh wow, I just realized, Street Fighter 2 taught me to have gay anal sex with men!

I need to report this to the Family Foundation Council immediately.

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