Sunday, December 31, 2006

Deviant Cinema
So Bad It Makes You Hard

Here's guaranteed good jerk off material:

The Heart Is Deceitful...yadda yadda. It is the film based on the book written by JT Leroy, supposed boy/pre-op hustler who turned out to be some middle class couple with dreams of suburban derangement.

Ain't that always the case?

I caught a peek of the movie onDemand while the folks were asleep dreaming of sugar plums. I was watching a hot cowboy guy whip a poor little boy, a shirtless blonde prep-schooler parading around for no reason, and scenes of the little boy dressed as a girl trying to seduce his mom's boyfriend. The last one is done in interpretive dance by Asia Argento to Marilyn Manson.


Oh and also "Who cares about Saddam" Ah-thank ya.

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