Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years!
Saddam A-Go-Go

So upon landing in the real world, I've learned that the huge news event was President George Jr.'s final revenge on his daddy's bully Saddam "the butcher" hussein.

Its a sad state of affairs in NY periodicals when the headline of the day "the evil madman's" death passes as unbiased newspaper reporting, then again this is the NY Post we're talking about, and I'd like to think that most of NY gains their news through blogs and various other newsfeeds.

Here's what I think about Saddam's death, his death is like that awesome party you went to that you knew was going to bite your ass in the morning.

For all the talk about liberals destroying christmas, here we have the ultimate christmas killer, the joyous celebration of a man's hanging by the general population. Wow, you can just picture the Time Magazine cover of 2010, "2006, Saddam's Death, What the Fuck were we Thinking?"

Do you remember when you were in Junior High and you learned that early Europeans enjoyed watching public executions; you and your classmates were shocked and questioned your teacher, " could they enjoy that?? That's so nuts! I don't understand that!"

You understand now bitch?

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