Sunday, December 10, 2006

Adventures in Niche Markets

A friend of mine is gearing himself up to be a young hotelier. He's got the prototype uniform designs to prove it.

He showed me this website Hotel Chatter, the woman who runs it often talks about him and his company in bitchy posts.

I looked through it and, sure enough, it's a bitchy gossip column on the world of Hotels. This has to be one step away from Golf Caddie Enthusiast or Nail Biter's Monthly.

My friend was told from a company that the woman who runs hotel chatter is the "Page six of the hotel world, TRASH LIKE RICHARD JOHNSON!"

...the hell?

I'm starting a gossip column dedicated to famous celebrity pets, who live in the east coast...and only small a bitchy tone.

Things I learned from Hotel Chatter: Brandon Davis fucked Britney Spears in some hotel bathroom recently, take THAT Perez Hilton!

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