Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Too Soon!!!
Hot Terrorists

I decided to watch United 93 on a cold December's eve!

What a load of bollocks and tripe. The last time I saw that much horse shit on screen was before Casino Royale when they played that god awful new movie trailer with William Smith and the kid who may or may not be his real life son.

The movie chronicles the harrowing story of the flight that was allegedly heroically stopped by a bunch of Americans. They allegedly bum rushed the cockpit which caused the alleged plane to blow up in an alleged explosion over a deserted field.

When you watch the movie you will not be the only one to note that the whole thing rings of hollow exploitative Hollywood action cinema. You could replace the Americans that stop the plane with Wesley Snipes and you'd get an easy transition into Passenger 57 ("Always bet on black, terrorists.").

The movie IS most certainly exploitative and schlocky, and not at all ponderous or dramatically real like brainwashed reviewers led me to believe. Most of the reviews I read, indeed, take too much time pondering the event and not enough time dissecting the movie.

The Americans cast as heroes are all physically ugly and are depicted as fairly average middle American hick dipshits, and, get ready for this, the actors they cast as the terrorists are actually hot.

Habeeb it!

Hiya boys!

Muslim Extremist, or Underwear Model?

Such barbarous insensitivity will not go unpunished. Someone or something WILL get flogged!

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