Monday, January 22, 2007

Between A Blog And A Hard Blog

I don't think I wanted to know that close girl friend of mine had recently had anal sex.

But I found out! And it wasn't a pleasant feeling either. It felt like finding out that your mother has given your father a rim job.

She asked me for pointers on giving a better blowjob, my answer was "work the head."


This whole young gay thing is getting to me. I'm finding that spending time with straight people is a welcome vacation, until their gorgeous tall manly blonde straight selves start to act so sexually confused that you start getting confused...

and then your gal pal tells you she had anal.

I can't stop teh gay now, just have a look at my latest over at Qr Blog!

What have I gotten myself into!


The next big me on this. Black Celebrity Gossip...Bossip!

Hey kids! I found you a nice present. An dark expressionist music video involving a severed dog's head. Don't say I didn't miss you.

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