Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carbs, Lots Of Them
I Am From Inglewood, Born And Raised

Dear Diary,

Today as I looked down on my lunch I came to a startling realization.

I eat like a black person.

Today I was tempted to pick up a McDonalds double cheeseburger meal, I figured the insanely painful stomach cramps that meal causes would keep me awake long enough to finish my work, but I came to my senses and settled for meatloaf with macaroni and cheese.

The day before I had a chicken caesar wrap with french fries, and they were really fried believe me.

Last night I realized I needed some refreshing beverages for the home, something to go down easy with home cooked meals. I ended up with grapefruit Welchs drinks, which is one step away from grape soda really.

At aussie flapper girl's place several weekends ago...I drank Malt liquor.

What the hell's wrong with me? I haven't been caught with watermelon yet but its really only a matter of time.

...actually now that I'm pondering here, I have bought several cans worth of Watermelon Juice for 99 cents at the corner bodega.

Hmmm, laaaid baaaack.



Racist NYU Republicans play a dumb illegal immigration game.

On today’s illegal-immigrant hunt, Sarah Chambers, the 21-year-old president of N.Y.U.’s College Republicans, told The A.P., “It’s not a racist event, first and foremost. Just because we don’t want illegal immigrants being able to completely disregard the laws of our country doesn’t make us racist.”

I don't mean to assume but, the head of NYU's name, just look at it. If your name is Sarah Chambers then you just HAVE to be a dumb white blonde racist chick right?

-Britney Spears pulls a Private Pyle. "...I a world...of SHIT"

That's right, its a Full Metal Jacket reference!

An interview with Tim "Homophobe" Hardaway, this is the greatest interview ever! Check it out.

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