Monday, February 19, 2007

Suddenly Seeking Psychics
Whackjobs In Love

I was having a discussion with a woman this weekend about her relationship with her boyfriend.

I was curious as to how I can maintain something with another person without completely sabotaging it like I usually do, and she and I had a great talk about finding someone you're comfortable with, and how you can be happy in a relationship with some space between you and your partner.

"I think I'd function best with someone who has their own life and their own friends." I told her.

"I totally know what you mean." She replied.

We had a great talk and I felt good about myself, finally I have a chance, I can make a breakthrough here!

Her boyfriend came by, he was asian, which is fine by me, but then he said something about her that alarmed me.

"You know she's psychic right?"

"You're psychic," I asked her.

"Yeah I can read people."

I silently sipped down some white wine realizing that the person I had been talking to about relationships was a total nutjob. A psychic? Really now.

This nudged me more towards my sneaking suspicion that the majority of people in relationships are idiots. I mean it must be the easiest thing in the world to find a significant other if you're both dunderheads.

I later learned that the woman was not just a psychic, but a witch, and that her boyfriend might be cheating on her anyway.

I made her read me and she told me I was trustworthy and an overall great person, so she's not even a GOOD psychic!

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