Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Twenty or Thirty Something
Getting Older

Aussie Flapper girl and a very nice model boy she found one night cooked me a meal recently. They were both gracious and entertaining, though Flapper girl got drunk and kept accusing me of having made out with the model boy the night we all first met (I don't THINK I did...but the model boy did like techno music and walked around with a limped wrist sometimes, so us making out wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.)

Anyway, the model boy was in his early twenties, and Aussie Flapper girl is a tad older. The difference in ages made me realize that the saying "30 is the new 20" is completely wrong.

30 is not the new 20, 30 is still 30, and the only people saying that 30 is the new 20 are 30 year olds that wish they were younger.

I really don't want to be a 30 year old wishing he was 20, I think that's a very sad and twisted conclusion.

It doesn't mean I necessarily want to be paying off a mortage at 30, or taking care of some autistic child (I've convinced myself that my offsprings will be bizarrely deformed somehow...or Asian), but I hope that by 30 I have more than a little wisdom in my brain.



BTW, perv on Gaspard Ulliel, the new Hannibal Lecter:

Wow Jesus Christ and the Kikes, he's French and out of control adorable. I heard that Hannibal Rising movie sucks though.

-Richard Dawkins on CNN on Youtube of course. I was reading his book The God Delusion, its a lot better than I thought. Its not just preaching to an atheist choir, pick it up if you can.

-Speaking of youtube, This is great. Just watch it.

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