Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hot Fuzz'd

This is what happens when you roll with me.

I.E. All sorts of crazy adventures and random British guest stars.

What Jase neglected to mention though, in our little Hot Fuzz outting, is that the third member of our party was LeeLee.

LeeLee lives next to Fly G. LeeLee is an older gay man who handed Jase and I a number of things before the screening started (ticket stubs from all the plays and musicals he's seen, business cards, condoms, in that order).

LeeLee introduced us to his friend, a corpulent older bald man who was practically immobile in his electric wheelchair. LeeLee also has no front teeth, LeeLee would probably give great blowjobs because of this.

I'm just assuming of course.


-The Hillary 1984 ad has been floating around for awhile. Someone needs to tell me why its brilliant, because I don't see it. Its the mac ad with Hillary she's....big brother? And the whitegirl freedom runner is...Obama? I need help here.

-McCain supports lesbos on myspace. If you still support him then you're retarded.


GrooveTheory said...

Isn't LeeLee the drama queen ... queen mum something?

Matt C said...

I don't get the ad either. What does 1984 have anything to do with it? And...the chick...hammer?

I'm lost. Hold me.

Deviant said...

LeeLee is a slow moving target, like Larry Kramer.

I'll hold you alright.