Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Minute Film
What's On My To-Do List

I'm supposed to be thinking of several short film ideas to be made into a script, but years and years of alcohol abuse has left my brain pretty fried.

Its difficult to think within a 10-minute film narrative and not come off as a complete asshole. I think the problem with most short films is that they FEEL like short films and not like a simple 10 minute glimpse into an interesting world or life.

You see? I'm already starting to sound like a C.H.U.D.

Some ideas have sprouted, allow me to share.

1) Prince and the Pauper styled movie but with a gay husband trading places with a gay porn star. I just want to write a scene where a porn star finishes cleaning off a dirty glass by licking it seductively and moaning. Or a scene where a porn star brushes his teeth in the morning and REALLY gets into the foam and brush.

2) Something to do with Nazi child molestation.

3) God tells a man that his flock was right and that homosexuality is wrong and that he hast to go to earth and tell everyone...COMEDY ENSUES.

4) A family moves out into a house in the country. They start to think its haunted when the noises they hear are really a couple fucking around in the attic.


This is the level of brilliance I can produce on a Tuesday, which is unfortunately not enough. Someone I talked to yesterday sent me his 10 minute idea which involved some woman's son dating a black boy, then dying....

I think I win. Got any ideas?


GrooveTheory said...

I thought your ideas rock. Whenever I see some of the Shorts on Logo, most of them are so lame. I particularly like the Prince and the Pauper twist.

David said...

How about an anthropomorphic box of french fries, milkshake and meatball sharing a tract house in NJ and living next door to some guido named Carl.

Oh, wait...

Rach said...

They're all winners. Just make each 2 minutes long and stick 'em together!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Nazi child molestation will always find a solid base, at least in New York, and there's some chance for Best Costumes to come into play.

Deviant said...

The AIDS thing was a joke btw.