Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy People

I'm glad we're starting to keep guns away from crazy people.

From the very beginning I was completely for the plan to keep guns away from mentally deranged people, but its not like anyone listens.

Its not so much gun control as it is a "keep firearms away from crazy people" initiative.

I'm also for the "sex education for slutty teens" thing and i believe the "stop killing people in Africa" plan may be a good one, but I'm still sort of on the fence there.

Seriously though, we have to consider for a moment: could the Virginia Tech tragedy have been avoided if Cho walked in there with no guns?

I think so.


-Holy shit, did you hear that a whole freeway was taken out in San Francisco by an oil truck. The hell was that? The news almost flew under my radar.

-British bombing assholes were caught in the UK....perv on the upper middle one, someone's come down with a sexy case of high cheek bones

-Rage Against the Machine, my favorite band in high school, just reunited. My favorite band in high school can kick your favorite band in high school's ass.


David said...


You need help.

Deviant said...


Matt C said...

my gosh...his whole body just hangs on those cheek bones.

bagel of everything said...

If the crazy people are depressed and suicidal, can they have a gun?