Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm The Gay Mr. Skin

Well it seems like I'm over it.

It took a good day and night of hard liquor and hard dancing, but I'm peachier than a spring sunflower...

Jesus I even sound gayer.

I realized with a rich sort of pride that even calling me and being honest was admirable, we're done dangling ourselves in front of people, done playing games, we're adults god damnit. Its ok to not know what the hell you're doing, you're a man for chrissakes, but it is nice to let the other person know you don't know, ya know?

Yeah btw I'm totally going for someone else I met recently. It took me a day, I'm THAT good.

We're probably just going to end up fucking though, but I'll make sure to rub it in people's faces.

At any rate, yes I was depressed for a day, but I had my friend's puppy and my liquor to keep me content, and then there was the movie I saw; Gus Van Sant's Last Days about the suicide of Kurt Cobain...nothing like a suicidal movie to lift MY spirits.

I recommend you watch it if only for the scene where Lukas Haas gets shirtless with another man and gets to first base. I blew one out to that one.



Screaming fat bbc reporter I know nothing!

Show this youtube video to your date If they laugh, you should keep them.

Nudists are weird



Nick said...

The guy who Lukas crawled in bed with was Gus' longtime bf Scott, a former hustler, who talked about sucking black cock in My Own Private Idaho.

Deviant said...

I've come up with a new saying when someone is obviously lying.

"I've seen better acting in a Gus Van Sant movie."


WDL said...

oh my dear lord. that woman really was high.