Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pocket Demons

My mother just called me and asked me in earnest if Pokemon stood for Bolsillo Demonio, which is Spanish for Pocket Demon.

I couldn't help but laugh and call her a loon (she's used to that).

She told me she had heard about this via my very religious uncle whose wife refused a pokemon-related gift for their child because of their time spent with Demons.

According to my mother, my uncle and his wife are so religious that they have a "small church" inside their house, and they don't let their kids watch television.

I think this is just as bad as Jim McGreevey displaying a giant picture of a man's cock while his daughter is visiting.

I'm openly ashamed of my extended family.



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GrooveTheory said...

HAHAHA!! I love your Mom already!

David said...

If Pokemon is the devil, he really needs to try harder.

Deviant said...

I love her too, she watches saturday morning superhero cartoons.

Pokemon is not ONE THING, it is a species of battle ready creatures....cough...