Monday, May 21, 2007

The Smart Ones Are Overrated

I think I'm done trying to find an "intelligent" boy. I really don't believe there's such a thing.

Just hear me out.

Yes, everyone who writes and who has a blog and who has half-a-brain will tell you, "oh I want someone with intelligence, someone who can hold a good conversation," and you come close to finding them but you never do, and its because no boys are REALLY intelligent.

Take me for example, I'm the smartest person I know, but if you let me talk and talk for an hour on end I'm bound to say something completely stupid.

The longer boys talk, the higher the chances are they will say something dumb, especially the ones who are high-minded. They'll quote Nietzche verbatim but they go schizo after a while.

I have come to terms with this fact. Hell I've chatted up with teachers, and invariably they too disappoint.

So what should we do about this? I say let's stop looking for the intelligent people and start focusing our energies on finding other assets.

I want someone with pretty hair, a cute smile, and who would make an X-rated video for me whenever I want.

If I wanted an intelligent person then I'd be straight, and we all know how much of a pain in the ass smart women are.

In closing, stop looking for the brain! Look for the cute butts! Ignore the brain power, focus on the horse power!

See? You let me go on enough and I start sounding like a dolt!

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