Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Ballad of Aaron Hall
How Rude

A man was beaten and killed in Indiana recently for allegedly making a gay advance on some boys.

More on the story here and some of it on Towleroad

A 5'4 100 pound man named Aaron Hall was the victim...I just find it odd that they've mentioned those measurements in some of the blog outlets.

Going by those numbers, he must have been a cute little thing.

I don't understand one thing, and maybe I can get some help on this.

Why is it that in Indiana and in some other counties in the heartland of America, an alleged "homosexual advance" is answered with a violent beating, but in New York and Los Angeles--cities where you can't walk down the street without having some homosexual jump on top of you--people generally respond by shrugging it off or even feeling flattered!

Do you have any idea how many straight men I've flattered? And I've never once received a boot to the face, or a lynching, or been hauled into a truck (how cliche is that?).

An example of a homosexual advance in Indiana

I don't know that its Indiana's fault. I knew a few people from Indiana and they all strike me as decent folks.

Of course they actually don't live in Indiana anymore....they all ran away from there at an early age, so maybe that answers my question.

Queerty says Aaron Hall was not gay, which is sort of like marching someone into an oven who wasn't a Jew... Oops mein fuhrer, my bad!


Today is the day. 8 o clock eastern standard time, Mr. Aussie teacher and I will see each other.

When we lock eyes what will happen? Will greet each other as old friends, or as lovers with unfinished business. As he drinks, will he reach out for my arm, my hand? Or will we stay away? Will we say our good nights and depart, or will we say good morning in bed?

Stay tuned as all your questions will be answered, same bat time, same bat guano.


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