Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Burrough Terrorist Shuffle
Allah Ackbar! Blow Up Queens

I'm very disappointed in the lack of half-assed patriotism towards the half-assed plan to blow up JFK airport and half of Queens.

Oh sure, Manhattan gets bombed and a "nation mourns" with flag decals and red, white, and blue days; but America seems to lose all sense of decency if a major airport in a minor burrough gets threatened with explosion...

At least someone should be placing half-mast American flags on SUVs, or Hyundais even. How about "We Shall Never Forget" ribbons...?

What about a knot?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg told my mom everyone to get a life, which I not only find surprisingly funny, but also surprisingly correct.

Hey! Terrorism happens! And besides, this was clearly a half-baked act of insanity. You want real terrorism? Try walking around 6th avenue without getting seven fliers handed to you during the morning rush hour, that's real terrorism right there.

The upsetting thing is that the feds claimed this attack was "chilling" in its scope, and that it would trigger an "economic catastrophe." Several days later we find out these guys were the three stooges of Muslim extremists, and they had next to no idea what they were doing.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Let this be a lesson to you, droogie. Start SMALL, and work your way up to JFK.

Ahem, and by start small I mean to start things of a good bird-chirping nature.

Reebok does not support terrorism



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Bossip of the Day!

"[Ne-Yo] reminds of a combination of things all rolled into one— Catfish, that dude from A Clockwork Orange, Bubba from Forrest Gump, and that Kool Aid pitcher guy."

Kool Aid pitcher guy?

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