Thursday, June 21, 2007

A League Of Their Own
Your Boyfriend Is Ugly

Alright so then, I've made the decision to stop talking about love and crushes on here.


Because the last post in this entry was fairly new, and it isn't until today that I'm pretty sure I'm developing a crush on someone else who is much more realistically situated here in New York.

Men are scum, case in point:

I was on myspace briefly today when a feeling hit me that I'm hoping some people can sympathize with:

Don't you just LOVE it when you catch old friends with their boyfriends, and their boyfriends are ugly?

I know every subculture in the developed world is worried about appearing shallow (because we don't have to worry about stuff like starvation I suppose), but don't tell me that finding out someone your age is paired off with someone completely unattractive doesn't put a pep in your step.

Alternatively, don't you just HATE finding out that one of your old friends has a smoking hot boyfriend, especially when you know said friend has the personality of a gnat-fly sort of thing?

Your friend is broke, has no personality, but look at his photogenically hot piece of ass boyfriend that's oh so in love with him.


Back to the ugly boyfriends though, and this just may be pure socio-pathology speaking, but I experience such sheer unfiltered joy from seeing some old friends and exes with ugly boyfriends, and this feeling of bliss permeates throughout the day, and the people near me can feel this aura of good will and happiness emanating from me...

Because all is right with the world.

And I'd like to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or that ugly people can have beautiful personalities, but that isn't really true of guys.

Ugly guys tend to have really nasty bitter personalities, and so do really attractive guys. Its like you have to find the cute ones in the middle.

Fat men are the nastiest pieces of work this side of Nietzche, I think.

Your boyfriend is ugly, you settled, I want to believe I win.

Notes For Gay Pride

New York pride parade becoming increasingly niggardly. Ironically I'll be in Atlanta Georgia for this Pride Weekend, where they're full of...oh I can't say it.

Mika is ambiguously gay For such an ambiguously gay guy he sure is forced down my throat a lot.

Gay rape in san francisco it still isn't as bad as bee rape with Jerry Seinfeld...mmmmmm rape....

Gay bombs and broomsticks from the pentagon. If I dropped a gay bomb, it would go something like this

Boys and arcades


David said...

I was never one for arcade game, but I might change my mind now.

Willywalt said...

"Don't you just LOVE it when you catch old friends with their boyfriends, and their boyfriends are ugly?"

Ok, it's bad to judge someone only on how he looks, but hey, that's what is soooo good.

Dantallion said...

But you can't NOT tell us who the new crush is. Mika perhaps?

GrooveTheory said...

Why do I hear Avril Lavigne in the background while I was reading this post. ANYHOO ... I completely agree. With how disgusting it looks to see your ugly friend with a smoking hot boyfriend. Makes me wanna steal the boyfriend from the ugly b*tch!