Monday, June 04, 2007

They Come Back
I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Just fucking great!

Mom calls me on the cell phone and the phone crashes and dies and now tries to reset itself constantly. She was calling me to thank me for the mother's day gift I sent her, now she probably caused me more money....

Damn ungrateful little...

Ahem, I'm sure it wasn't her fault, but its not like I can prove it WASN'T her fault either.

I'll let it go.

Hello there! Over the course of my birthday festivities I received a drunken text message from the boy I had been seeing.

He wanted to see how i was doing, which I think is a silly thing to have on your mind, seeing as how you could easily find out how I was doing if we were still dating, but if you made the dramatic decision to stop dating, then why the hell would you want to know?

People are hilarious that way. It's like if someone refused to eat shit, but then asked someone else who did eat shit how the shit tasted like.

Well you can find out can't you?

Call me crazy, but if someone's out of my life, I really stop giving a rats ass, because if I gave a rat's ass, then you'd be in my life.

Is that wonky?

I duly informed the very confused boy that I was hungover the day after my birthday, which was the total truth!

Life chugs on one pounding migraine after the next.

On the day of my birthday I walked into a local East village bottle shop to order a fine glass of Rose. The proprietor gave me the bottle for free because it was my birthday. I told him I was 25 and he said:

"Ah! You're no longer a cute young boy! You're now like me, I can feel comfortable around you."

His friend then tried to jokingly grab at my crotch in a drunken stupor.

I'm telling you man, mixed signals!


Michaelangelo has sex with April, don't say I didn't warn you.


Cooper said...

haha, this is all proof that boys are dumb. but they're cute too. :)

happy belated birthday!

Deviant said...

boys are dirty and I love them. Thanks :-p