Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

What better place to spend the fourth of July than in Jersey...Plainfield Jersey. Murder capital of Jersey!

Between this and my business trip/Pride visit to Atlanta Georgia I'm pretty sure I'll end up spending New Years in Baghdad.

Happy Day off!


Matt C. said...

So, d'you get laid/raped while in Atlanta?

pika pika buttsecks

it was fun hanging out again.

GrooveTheory said...

Plainfield?? I haven't even been to Plainfield. It's boonies central, no? Anyway, I hope you had a nice 4th.

bagel of everything said...

I've been to Plainfield.

Never have I slept in such an aptly named city since my car broke down in Big Ugly, WV

Deviant said...

I stayed in AN HISTORIC SOCIETY in Plainfield, so I only drove through the ghetto. It is indeed boonies central though.

No i didn't get raped in Atlanta sadly.

Soylent Ape said...

A Historic Society in Plainfield? Really? Was it the first crackhouse in the New World or something?

Seriously, though... I'm glad you visited our site. Feel free to come back anytime.