Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adventures In Roommating
Just Because Your Mother Has Brain Cancer Doesn't Give You The Right to Bum Me Out


You're dead.

If this piece of blog were the streets, and the above jpeg was a human child, then you would be dead. I hope you've learned something from this.

To be honest with you, I tried to gather up some vitriol, but I just can't.

Life is good to me in that sing-songy way. It's full of hope, possibilities, and unseen STDs. Everything is looking up except for my immediate homelife. I've been living with my roommate for about two years now and it'll be time to depart her soon.

Yes, I have taken to cleaning the apartment a lot more often, and no she hasn't bothered me about maids anymore, though I suspect she hasn't bothered because she's been coming and going so much on account of her mom's illness.

Apparently when your mother has brain cancer you just don't have enough time in the world to tell your roommate when you'll be gone from the house so said roomie can plan all-nite keggers and wine-tasting binges...

She's cornered me sometimes with sob stories about her mother's impending death, and each time she corners me I have to exert SO much energy into feigning sympathy which is just in such short supply here in NY.

Honestly, single women get over a certain age and they'll act like the nearest thing with a penis is a husband, I don't honestly know how straight guys do it.

A combination of her menstruation and...I suppose her mother dying of cancer...manages to make her insufferable for several weeks on end.

Still, I think my roommate's a nice lady who could use a bit of Islam in her life.


Yeah that's right, its the Dark Knight teaser trailer, complete with Joker lines and laugh.

Ten things your IT Dept won't tell you. I knew them all already!

Hot artist from Rockstar games apparently walked into the sea, killing himself, after finding his girlfriend committed suicide. Walked into the sea! I've commanded people to walk into the shower and they've refused, and I'm alive!

Human Rights Division sued for anti-black/women discrimination. They let gay white males wear what is commonly referred to as the nigger hating hat. When will the black race and the gay race unite to fight whitey? It certainly won't happen here.

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