Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mackenzie The Cat RIP
Things They'll Say At My Funeral for $300

Fly G: so i found out today from james that mackensie died a month ago
Me: aww what happened?
Fly G: i think she had a heart attack
Me: jesus
Fly G: im not sure, she wouldnt eat for weeks prior
Fly G: james was force feeding her
Fly G: she lost a lot of weight
Me: he didn't take that cat to the vet did he?
Fly G: he said he came home and she was on her side screaming
Fly G: and he thought she couldn't see him
Fly G: and he said it was horrific
Fly G: and the guy he's dating took him out of the room
Fly G: and then she died
Fly G: i feel bad
Me: sooo I'm guessing that cat wasn't taken to the vet?
Fly G: no, i dont think he did enough for her
Me: well it did lead a tortured life
Fly G: he took her once
Fly G: i think
Me: its probably better that way
Fly G: but i think it was unrelated
Fly G: im not sure
Fly G: yes
Fly G: she hated being alive
Fly G: she hated everyone
Fly G: everything
Fly G: but im worried she didnt have to go like that
Me: that's an awesome eulogy!
Fly G: as much as that cat was horrific and screwed up my life a lot with her problems, i did live with her 3 years
Fly G: aww mackensie :(
Me: she's in a better place now…under the ground.
Fly G: i dont think it was her fault she was that way
Fly G: she was abused as a kitten
Fly G: its like kids
Fly G: they have early childhood problems
Fly G: then they grow up to be killers nad monsters
Fly G: i think she just was so screwed up from her kitten life
Me: That cat was hella ugly.

Hella indeed.


Advocate interviews the new two face:

Like, in the Batman movies, maybe Two-Face will actually be an evil manifestation of Harvey Dent’s repressed homosexuality?
[Laughs] Now, that’s interesting. Sure, maybe so.

What the hell was that question all about? Go back to jumping rope Advocate.

Hello there, I's be Isaiah Washington, and I's be back in quite possibly the GAYEST show on TV. The Bionic Woman? I cannot wait.


WDL said...

Your aversion to pussy never ceases to amaze me.

You should be a bit more sensitive. Although, the chalmydia probably makes you sensitive in other places, I meant the heart felt kind. Poor Fly G.


David said...

How can Aaron Eckhardt look in the mirror every morning and not believe people think he is hot? The man is sex on wheels.

Deviant said...

Aaron Eckhardt and pussy DON'T MIX!