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Michael Ex Gay Glatze
The Movement of Ideas and Bullshit

I've tried to keep a certain level of anonymity in this space, but something deliciously devilish occurred today relating to my past.

Mike Glatze, former managing editor of XY magazine before I took the spot for a brief while, and co-founder of YGA Magazine, has "come out" as a reformed gay man.

Read his essay here and of course immediate bitchy gay reaction here.

I don't want this to sound like an obituary, but it can hardly be helped. I only knew Mike Glatze and his partner Benjie Nycum through email correspondence. I worked with them to put together the second edition of their highly acclaimed survival guide.

The two had flown the coop to Canada, and I do have to admit I was a little envious of them. They were cute, young, in love, and successful at speaking their minds over various media.

More on Mike Glatze's XY days here.

Full disclosure here, while I respect Glatze's work, I was slightly exhilarated at the news of his mental/spiritual breakdown as he was sort of a professional rival.

We'd been keeping a close eye on him.

But, after some heavy pondering and several drinks later, I realize I'm touched by this news.

It isn't exactly sad. Its like seeing a person cut themselves in public. You know they'll regret doing so, and you know their next few days will be ruined because of it, however you can't exactly stop them.

Wayne Besen comments on ex-gay editors.

Mike strikes me as the kind of person plagued by extremes. Either you're gay and in your face extreme about it, taking pictures with your boyfriend, writing about being gay in magazines, or you are newly born straight and EXTREMELY anti-gay.

In other words...Mike is a drama queen.

I want to hope that Mike's transformation will bring some good to people, meaning I hope he preaches morality, the good side of faith, and I hope he teaches kids to listen to their parents...

Unfortunately I know better.

I know the things he'll say will be damaging to young people, and I know the people behind the ex-gay movement are not only seriously delusional but they are also borderline sociopaths. Telling a person to deny themselves their sexuality is akin to telling a person to starve themselves, to not breathe air, to withhold taking in water; it is even worse still because the people you are preaching to are susceptible to your demands.

It is severe cult mentality.

People wonder whether you can change your sexuality, which is the wrong question to ask. A person is capable of killing himself, of ENDING his or her life, which is one of the most unnatural things imaginable. If some of us have the capability of convincing ourselves to end our lives, then it just goes to show that you can talk yourself into anything if you're susceptible enough.

You have the ability to deny your nature. That is what makes you human, but it is also what makes you sick.

After all, people around the world choose to not eat, choose to murder their children, and choose to not listen to the chemical reactions in their body.

It appears though that Glatze is going through a crisis many people face in private, but he's in the unfortunate position to be exploited...

And I wonder if he didn't feel just as exploited when he wrote about homosexuality.


You know, 20 drinks later, Michael Glatze doesn't even register on my care scale. I mean, just put this into global perspective, every day you've lived countless people have realized they are gay, realized they just talked to Jesus personally, realized they are in love with their mothers, realized they have a drug problem, realized nothing matters and offed themselves.

Realizations are what you make of them, and more power to Glatze's personal realization, but I and countless other people will be there to counter any bullshit that is spewed.

And to this effect, I have to address Mike as the grown man that he is, as the man that made his own choice and wrote his own words. Mike Gratze, I hope this god you believe in grants you all the joys you were not able to find on your own in your own pathetic life. I also hope you continue down the path of ridiculousness, so that everyone who listens to you errs on the side of reason solely to be in opposition to you.

I hope your opinion on homosexuality continues to spew forth from you like vomit, because the more you speak, the more rational our country will become.

Ironically, in this way you'll do more good for gays now than you did when you were pro-gay.

Having said all that, I can see how homosexuality can be perceived to be bad for you when you end up like this:

"Now I know that homosexuality is lust and pornography wrapped into one."- Mike Glatze

Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?


The WIlde American said...

twisted. i don't know what to say. i seem to remember benjie being quite a hotty too. hope he didn't get swept up in this crap.

what the hell happened to this guy?!

we might have to sick lil dancing brent corrigan on his bible thumpin' ass to show him what he's gonna miss!!

Matthew Rettenmund said...

Is what I wrote really "bitchy?" You're giving me a complex! Can I become an ex-bitch?

Deviant said...

I think it was "appropriately bitchy" so nothing wrong with that!

Gatze was the hottie, Benjie was the slightly uglier one of the two, i.e me in all the relationships I've been in.

I'm never the pretty one, and I don't want to be.

Anonymous said...

In the pics I've seen and on datalounge, it seems that Benji was the hottie. Just IMHO.

David said...

I want to tape his mouth shut and cut off his fingers. Fuck up your own life, but let other people alone.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mike is doing this publically because he has no one to turn to. His YGA Magazine folded after 4 or 5 issues, and appears that they lost money on every issue. I wonder if he may be blaming the gay community for not supporting his dream? I also wonder if he hopes to make a living from being an ex-gay? If so, I think he might be disappointed when the real right-wing fundamentalists hear that he is affiliated with the Mormon Church or that his journey began with Buddhism.

Deviant said...

What can I say? I've always loved them tall, blonde, and sexually confused.

Now David! Everyone has a right to say what they want to say, its why we keep the KKK around, that and because we need something to laugh at.

Actually it really does sound like is doing this because he's a regular whackjob and not some machiavellian strategist. Evidence here:

Deviant said...
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Deviant said...

Dumb broken link. Proof of Glatze's mania right here