Thursday, July 12, 2007

Freedom of Speech Strikes Back
Introducing Guest Blogger Isaiah Washington

Y hello der! This be am Isaiah Washington, ex-star of Grey's Anatomy...

Now now now lookee here. I knows I frightens you with my big black booming black voice, but do nots be afraids, I nots gonna kill you!

I was a victim! I be bamboozled!

I's here to shoot some brief shit with youse, seeings as how Deviant be too lazy to write now, on account o' his too busy sucking them cock, faggot!

Oh noes, I didn't mean to call him a faggot cuz he gay! I meant faggots meaning happy!

I's during happier times!

Speakin' o faggots, what be up with Michael Lucas an' his entry on he mouth! That faggot be sucking too many cocks if he think we give a damn!

Earlier he am write about Muslim's in Britain:

"Great Britain actually has a recent history of granting asylum to Muslim extremists on the grounds that they didn’t have religious freedoms in their countries of origin. Blair reversed some but not enough of that. To which I say “Duh!!!!!!!!!”"

Duh!!!!!!? Duh!!!!!!!? Thems be my Muslim bruthas mouth-faggot. I'm asalama lakemy boot up your dick hole.


Speaking o' Muslims; some white honky pussy faggots kicked out a Muslim man out o the government on account of they all be afraid of he booming black voice...

Say what? He was Hindu?

Fuck that faggot!

From Left to Right: Faggot, and Me! Isaiah Washington

Speaking o faggots, God hisself hissed down and blew up a church in Baltimore! Woooweee, that church prolly full of fagg--

Oh no...what have I done? I'm sorry, I apologize...

Update: Deviant has contacted Mr. Washington's people. We are sad to report that he will no longer be guest blogging here. Mr. Washington has been let go.

We forced him to record the above PSA just to fuck with him.


bagel of everything said...

oh shit oh shit oh shit!

I want this entry.
Mind if I borrow it please?

GrooveTheory said...

OMG! If I see you on the morning news being interviewed side-by-side with Al Sharpton, I will die laughing.

Oooh wait? Is that NAACP on your door now sweetie?


David said...

That was awesome.

But I'd steer clear of north of 125th for a while if I were you.

Deviant said...

Shhh I'm anonymous!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via the certifiable ones at and I am nos hooked.

Very funny stuff and the Isaiah Washington piece is hilarious. What he said was reprehensible. It was da pot callin' Massa's muthuh fuckin' kettle black!

Kudos Deviant...I'll be back!

Laurie Kendrick

kevin said...

Oh muchas gracias Laurie! Maybe I should make like NBC and totally rehire Mr. "Fine Actor" Washington!

bagel of everything said...

Laurie: No!
You are stalking me, and I am stalking Kevin. If you also start stalking Kevin, then that's like...stalker incest or something.

(We could work out a rotating schedule tho. Stalk around the clock...)