Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pedophiles Are Jerks
Touched By A Silver Haired Fox

I don't believe its fair that countless of mentally unstable children were fondled inappropriately by Wayne Albert Bleyle and I of sound mind and body had to wait 18 years to have any sort of sex at all.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I think I'm decent looking person of reasonable intelligence...but am I so odiously unapproachable that retarded CHILDREN get some action at a younger age than I?

I think I was a choice piece of 9-year-old ass back in my day.

Wayne "Foxy Silver Haired" Bleyle just started manhandling all sorts of physically impaired kids and even took naked photographs. Now see this is where he shows more brain than Catholic priests, because you see priests go around forcing themselves on little boys who can talk, Dr. Lovechild Bleyle--like many of us in the "consenting lifestyle"--went ahead and targeted people who were passed out or too spaced out to properly function.

You know, the trick with pedophilia is that it would be all ok if the kid was really into you touching him, as I probably would have been, but have you EVER met a respectful and in-control pedophile? And I mean a pedophile with enough wits to really read your emotions to truly see that you were maybe wanting some prepubescent action from him?

Trying to find a subtle pedophile is like trying to find a non-pushy Jew, it just DOESN'T exist.

Those pedophiles don't take no for an answer when you're an 8-year-old kid. They always somehow seem to know what's best for you. Oh sure a certain move he pulls doesn't feel right, he understands, but how about this other thing with his finger, I'm sure that'll feel better.


And pedophiles are always SO voracious with their sexual appetites. They rarely molest either boys or either girls, its always some sort of random mix of both with no bearing on reality.

Well which is it? Boys or girls!? Me or the 12 year old in the wheelchair?

What I'm trying to say is that pedophiles are just fucking jerks, and maybe little Jenny would give it up to you if you were just nicer and a little bit more romantic.

What ego they have! As if every boy or girl is just going to fall into your arms because you know better...

Pedophiles really need a talking to.

When they asked how many children he molested, investigators said, [Mr. Blayley] looked out his window and asked, "How many snowflakes are there out there?"

I do have to hand it to him, he does make being a slutty pedophile sound ever so delightfully wistful!



Mega Ran rapper Random takes Mega Man tunes and adds lyrics/awesome beats. Listen to "Grow Up" then "Shadowman." I'm going to get myself a copy Here

What's wrong with Florida. Apparently their idiot mayor called all gays unhappy, he then said there's a big problem with gays having sex in bathrooms (its either one or the other here Mayor Naugle). Now they're having protests there. Honestly, just get the hell out of Miami and don't visit it if the mayor is an ass. You don't see me Jamaica bound!


bagel of everything said...

I'm sad because you're going to deeper level of hell than me.
I'll miss you.

Have you seen Maddox's Pedo-meter?

Poor Maddox. He wishes he could be as offensive as you.

Laurie Kendrick said...

You are Goddamned brilliant (and will if you believe the Old Testament)

Brilliant, hilarious. You're offensive on a professional level.

To quote Jon Cryer, "May I admire you?"

Pete O'Phile
Irish guy...leaves near the elementary school

Dantallion said...

You're right - pedophiles have some pretty irritating character flaws...

It must scar you deeply that you were never one of the chosen as a child.

stepher said...

I'm here via Ration Reality and I think I love you. No, really.

bagel of everything said...

Laurie @ Stepher:
I'm either jealous and will kill you, or want to you recruit to hold kvn down so's I can raep him.

Meet me behind the barn and I'll let you know which.

(come alone)

Soylent Ape said...

Deviant, that was truly sick. It made me hurt inside. (Your anal sex joke here)

Also, doesn't Mayor Naugle know that "happy" is the very definition of "gay? Well, one of them, anyway.

David said...

"Trying to find a subtle pedophile is like trying to find a non-pushy Jew, it just DOESN'T exist."

I am so going to kick your ass the next time we hang out.

And the pronoun/verb should be "they don't" not "it doesn't."


Richard said...

Right now, there are all these agents in Pedophile Watch debating whether or not they should get online and try to see if they can lure some of you sickos into showing up at their beach house, under the guise of being a promiscuous 13-year-old. Remember, though, if you walk in and a little girl says, "I baked you some brownies," get the hell out of there. You've been set up by Dateline. (I find it funny to call a show about catching predators "Dateline.")

Deviant said...

And here I thought I was being nice :(