Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Review A Movie I've Actually Seen For A Change

I just briefly wanted to mention this really great film I caught last night. It's called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and its classic Mad Scientist story.

Perfume is the story of a boy with an acute olfactory sense, he can quite literally smell your armpits from a mile away. He's got a natural talent that works well with mixing scents and making perfumes, but working at the local perfumery isn't enough for the boy, and he starts to become obsessed with finding the perfect smell.

The film is saturated in deep colors and maintains the look of a fresh wet oil painting throughout. The main character is played by Ben Whishaw who looks like the reanimated corpse of what used to be a super hot male model. Like the film, Ben is both nice and bizarre to look at.

He's just a fucking walking stick that guy.

At any rate, Stanley Kubrick allegedly said that the novel this film is based on was un-filmable, both because it has to do with scent and because of the subject matter. The plot of the movie gets deliciously dark like Sweeney Todd, but whatever you do don't spoil it for yourself. One of the major trailers for the film gives the whole plot away.

Thematically its really the anti-Ratatouille (watch both of them, one of them ripped off the other I think).

What if that ugly rat from the Pixar movie actually did become the world's greatest chef, what sort of lesson would he eventually learn about his own humanity through his artistry?

The answer is short and cruel, and I like it!

Watch the teaser below, which doesn't give away the whole damn plot.

Oh and the film is totally in English and it has Alan Rickman in it, what the hell are you waiting for? Ben Whishaw naked, don't say I don't love ya.

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