Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Whines
Sensitivity Gets You Nowhere

Whine whine whine!

I don't know if its just me, but has anyone else out there experienced what has to be the summer of whine?

Waaah, you owe me twenty dollars!

Waaah, but you promised me!

Waaah, don't call my mother names!

What bullspit. I want to live in a world without whining, where I can run free without feelings or crying.

Yeah I thought I was all badass until I was accused of being spoiled and whining by my coworker simply because I reported a problem with the program I use.

Why can't I win?? Waaaah!


An African whining: "Stop Trying To Save Africa." To which I respond: "Dude, there's no way that any sort of action by whites towards Africa will not be seen like colonialism. That's totally ingrained. Fuck, I only wish a bunch of uppity white rock stars and executives got together to raise money for me. Shut the fuck up Africa or else we'll chop off more arms if you don't give up the diamonds faster.

Star of Ratatouille whines about giving interviews Waah I voice a rat and I can't handle answering some questions. Shut up! Actually you should see Ratatouille, it was a cute film from the guy who did The Incredibles. I'm oddly attracted to the red-headed human chef Linguini in the film.

Say no to Summer whines

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