Monday, July 23, 2007

Tammy Faye Baker
Fu Manchu, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

I was saddened to hear of Tammy Faye's passing.

Ok saddened is a harsh word, I actually didn't let it sadden me enough to prevent me from having a good time this weekend.

What I meant to say is that I felt sort of gassy at her passing, that's a bit more closer to my feelings. She briefly wrote a column for XY Magazine back in the day, but no one seems to want to bring that up nowadays, very sad.

Slate tries clumsily to explain why she was a gay icon.

"Even Miss Piggy of the Muppets has won icon status because she refuses to see that pigginess is ugly; she believes she's beautiful and won't quit pursuing an unwilling frog. In a sense, gays—especially those who are closeted—look upon these women (and almost all of them are women) as role models."


Dude, no one I know looks up to Miss Piggy. Who is this Michelle Tsai who wrote this insanity? Tsai? Ok well I wager I know a few of her favorite icons:

The Mandarin

With the power of the ten rings, the nefarious gook commie The Mandarin is more than a match for plucky rich handsome white capitalist Tony Stark, aka Iron Man! In a way he believes he's powerful and charismatic despite his slanty-eyed appearance.

Ah so!

Scourge of the YELLOW PERIL, Fu Manchu strikes fear into the hearts of emasculated Western men. In a way they can relate to Fu Manchu's unwillingness to stop pursuit of gorgeous white women who obviously want nothing to do with him.

In a sense, asians look up to these Men as role models.

KAWAII!!!111 ^_^

I shouldn't be too hard on Ms. Tsai though, it looks like she consulted a cultural studies queer down there in her "thanks" section, no doubt someone has a bizarre hard-on for Ms. Piggy, and it aint Kermie.


I'm telling you, here's proof that blacks hate gays: Stevie Wonder serenades Isaiah Washington. Must be the extra bone that causes them anger.

New York Magazine on closeted married men Waaaaaah I can't come out of the closet, waaaaah!

After watching Chuck and Larry (which I have written about here), the ACLU urges you to meet 10 Annoying Gay couples. Urge to bash rising.

The Politics of Black Betty. Play the Nick Cave version which I've listened to 100 times now.


Too Hotty said...

I love Miss Piggy. She's not TOTALLY off the mark, it just sucks that she couldn't find a better example even though there are a few that aren't made of fabric.

bagel of everything said...

Miss Piggy is totally hot


Deviant said...

Yep! My icon is oscar the grouch!

Why is Miss piggy trying to tear her tits off in that pic?

bagel of everything said...

She's not tearing them off! She's milking her hot sexy self.

I hear Fozzie likes a little cream in his coffee.