Monday, August 06, 2007

Facebook Over Myspace
Social Networking Takes Up Too Much Personal Time.

So judging by the lack of comments from the last entry, I'm guessing no one likes to hear that I'm happy.

What does that say about us, as a society? Does that mean we are forever feeding off of the badness of others? Are we doomed to everlasting gloominess?

Shant we not experience the joy of rebirth without our brethren sympathy?

No? Well fuck you.

Shit man, do you want me to kill myself over myspace? It really is the new way to go.

Speaking of myspace, what do you make of this whole Facebook changeover controversy?

Not a day goes by that some wretched friend urges me to start a facebook profile. People act like starting a new social networking profile is the easiest thing to do.

Not so!

First I have to come up with a witty byline. Something from an obscure movie:

"I chipped my tooth on a quaalude

Good enough? Then we have to start making up personal information, followed by a first and last name that is different enough from our real name so that future employers could never hope to find our profile full of drug references...

Tres chic.

Honestly, before Rupert Murdoch's myspace, there was friendster, and before friendster there was whatever-degenerate-dating-site-you-were-signed-up-to...

I realize that the News Reports are stating that Facebook is overtaking Myspace in popularity, but aren't we just about oversaturated in Social Networking sites?

The only way I'd join Facebook is if I could get Jane "Fucking" Seymour to be in my top friends, if anyone can come up with better reasons join Facebook rigtht now, then please let me know.


And now, presenting the newest and freshest internet Meme, Chocolate Rain:



Flip X said...

Facebook will consume your life. Just say no!

But on the plus side, people such as myself are on there.

David said...

Why should I care about your happiness?

I don't do social networking. I just fuck around.

Deviant said...

I wrote this entry while drunk btw. I think I'll join facebook when I get a boyfriend, that's a great way to fuck with people!

racho relaxo said...

Facebook is balls.