Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jungle Fever
How American Slavery Made Future Generations All Sexed Up In A War Of The Roses Sort of Way

I've taken the liberty of solving the mystery behind the disproportionate amount of black men who go to jail...

Meaning, I know why 30% of them will end up in jail and it has nothing to do with the fact that they commit more crimes.

The reason why they all end up in jail is because the white man wants their black women-folk.

Who knew that after all that hunkering around the Underground Railroad, these black women's descendants would be wading their ass in the water back to their slave masters!

Even growing up in the multicultural landscape of the South Bay Los Angeles ghettoes, I knew there was something vaguely sexual about the entire concept behind Slavery in the United States. My suspicions were correct when I learned about the white slave master's late night trips to the slave quarters, and the white women subjugating the proud black male...

After all, racial tension is JUST tension, and you get tension because you just want to bang each other.

Growing older and, admittedly, not being a part of black or white America, I have however been a victim of its aftershocks while growing up in the war-torn race riot streets of LA, and as a spectator I can safely say that ya'll are just like Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheperd in the 80's late night dramedy Moonlighting. You hate each other so much that its obvious to the world you just want to fuck the hell out of each other, so I can give you the go-ahead to do just that.

I was traumatized because of the LA Riots, traumatized!! For my own sanities sake, White America and Black America have to finally come together and....cum together! Whip each other hard in play, call your black boyfriend the N-word in bed to get him off, black ladies...make your white boyfriends sniff your underwear, Jesus just get it over with so the entire civilized WORLD and I certainly can get on with our lives!!

Its about time you turned something hateful, slavery, into something beautiful, crazy animal lust.

It is time now, oh brothers. It is time for the races to FUCK!



To Catch a Predator suicide edition! Its an Esquire article detailing the suicide of one of the said Predators, give it a read!

Review of Zeitgest the movie an online film about 9/11 conspiracies, the Christianity conspiracies, and Bigfoot or some such similar bullshit.

Republican state rep Bob Allen arrested for soliciting a black man for sex he claims he only went along with the convo because he was afraid....as if one was necessarily different from the other. I rest my case!


bagel of everything said...

So Feb is Black History Month, March is Drunken Irish Month...

I'd give up the first few days of March to a well hung brutha, if he'd share the tail-end of his Feb.

When is bang-a-beaner week?

I got your melting pot right here, Kev.

GrooveTheory said...

OMG! You're post gave me a semi-hardon!

Deviant said...

Every day is bang a beaner day baby!

Don't mean to give you a half-chub there my chink friend.

David said...

Black guys don't do it for me. But I'm a Jew, so it's all about the foreskin, baby.