Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Memorial

What does 9-11 mean to me?

Can one say something that has not already been said about this tragedy?

This is a very difficult thing to do in such highly charged political times. I can't simply state my feelings on 9-11 without delving into views that may incite. Conversely, I can't express my feelings on 9-11 without an air of blandness so myopic that the sentiments would hardly mean anything.

So I really have three choices here. I could go the route of "I feel nothing for 9-11, and thus, I am feeling endangered as a human being," and thus create false sympathy for my own selfish plight.

I could relay to you my experience during the day the World Trade Center collapsed, which would turn out to be banal as I was in Los Angeles during the attacks and felt shocked like everyone else.

Or I could tell you what I would have done on September 11th if I was Superman.

I choose the last one.

If I was Superman, of course, I wouldn't be able to get there in time to actually stop the planes from hitting the building because I'd be tied up somewhere with Kryptonite ropes.

With the help of Jimmy Olsen, I'd be freed and would recover, only to witness the second plane flying and exploding into the WTC. I would fly off screaming and reach NYC.

"Hey look! It's Superman!" People would say from down below.

And I'd go up there and I'd clutch both towers, one arm each, upwards long enough so that everyone could escape. Of course, on the top floor of the second tower would be a whole daycare that was trapped that I'd have to fly off with.

Lois Lane (played by Milo Ventimiglia) would kiss me in appreciation....and then I'd get captured by Al Qaeda and Lex Luthor who would use some sort of device to turn me temporarily against the US because I'm Superman and I'm still a dick

Fly G's Memorial

[21:21] Me: What does 9-11 mean to you?
[21:22] Fly G: is that a trick question?
[21:22] Me: LOL!!!
[21:23] Me: no
[21:23] Fly G: well
[21:23] Fly G: i saw it with my own eyes
[21:24] Fly G: so it was horrible
[21:24] Me: Wow thanks, that sucked
[21:24] Me: pfft
[21:24] Fly G: u asked!

Plus: Dude....Iron Man!


bagel said...

And then you'd go ride your horsie, who would throw you off and paralyze you so you'll have to suck the souls out of babies to prolong your pitiful existence.

Deviant said...

OMG I just got this..