Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney's Existential Crisis
Half-Assing At Its Finest

Many things have been said about Britney's lackluster performance at the VMA's.

They said her mommmy rolls got in the way, that she was too drunk and hadn't rehearsed, that she was just too out of shape and tired to perform.

I think something marvelous happened.

I think that--when faced with the crowd and her choreographed performance--she had a realization. I think Britney realized that none of that mattered. The VMAs didn't matter. Peter Wentz's dick pics didn't matter, and also that pop music didn't matter.

So what did she do? She did her best to half-ass her way through that performance. Kudos to your existential crisis Britney! You are like monkey what escaped from his organ grinding master!


bagel said...

I've always hated B.S.
Just when everyone is finally coming around to my way of thinking, I'm hating her less.
Hell, I almost like the pathetic drunken slut now.
I also enjoy: train wrecks, feed the children commercials, and youtube videos where cats fall down.

David said...

Methinks you are giving her too much credit.

Deviant said...

I love her now as an old slut more than ever.

Yeah, i guess she was just hungover