Thursday, September 20, 2007

God Apparently
Talk About A Deus Ex Machina

I'm looking for the Onion Logo somewhere in this article, but I can't seem to locate it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

"'God' Apparently Responds to Lawsuit"

"God Apparently," is my new favorite catchphrase.

"Hey Kevin, who the hell pissed on my toothbrush?"

"God Apparently."

God works in mysterious ways, apparently, which is completely incorrect as God is anything but apparent...haha get it? A parent?

Senator Saint Ernie of the Latter Day Fans

Pictured above is the man who is suing god, one Senator Ernie.

Apparently Senator Ernie got his inspiration from the sleeper 2001 hit The Man Who Sued God(a sleeper hit because I fell asleep watching it and hit my head on the ground). The Man Who Sued God stars Bill Connolly--who is the poor man's John Cleese

Bill Connolly on Religion

John Cleese on Religion

Old European funny men all look the same don't they?

At any rate--while you may not feel comfortable saying you're sure there is no God--I think you might be more comfortable stating that there certainly is no God...apparently.


bagel said...

"A message left for that office was not immediately returned Thursday."

That Huffington Post article is a fine example of why God Apparently should be sued. Seems he's made folks in Omaha so retarded, Anna Jo Bratton is considered a good writer.

Hell, even my news reports are better written, and I write them poorly on purpose!

Still, I'm glad to know my God's last name. I always assumed it was the same as his son's.

Laurie Kendrick said...


I come here just to laugh. You're take on everything is so funny.

This bullshit lawsuit is so ridiculous. It's attempt to point out frivilous litigation is itself so goddamn frivolous.

Fucking insane---makes me wanna pour hot McDonald's coffee all over my crotch.


Deviant said...

This is why David Bowie is my God.