Monday, September 24, 2007

Midnight Sunday Beer Thought
The Sit-Down Belly

Don't you hate it when you've attained a level of do-able fitness on your body, but when you sit down, you still have have this protrusion?

It's like the sit-down-belly that you try to tuck in or place a knapsack over so that other people don't stare, but meanwhile all those other people are also self-conscious of their own sit-down fat belly?

And have you ever met anyone who, when he or she sits down, has NO sit-down-belly?

And have you noticed that those people are always assholes and totally have no right to exist in our society?


Too Hotty said...

Ugh! I know!

When I sit up super straight it goes away, but I can never decide if I'd rather look like a fat kid or a stuck up tightass.

bagel said...

I think you're talking about skin, and not fat.
You've got to have a little slack in your skin so you don't rip when you stretch. When you sit, you're kinda crunched up and the slack settles.
The people who don't have that have probably recently gained mass (likely muscle, the bastards), and their skin hasn't caught up with them yet. Don't fret over them, they'll have some very attractive stretch marks in a few months.

Try sitting up straight like you're not fob. Or not being so fucking fat. Either should work.

WDL said...

i encourage you to send me half naked (or naked) pictures of yourself, so I can judge this idea of yours properly.

i'm sooo thin, and i still have it. i chalked it off to bad posture.


Cooper said...

Haha, I have been trying to hide my sit-down belly for years. I'm thinking the only way to get rid of it is surgery. And I'm certainly not too good for surgery.

Deviant said...

I think I'm skinny-fat!

David said...

I have every right to exist, damn you!