Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Unbearable Lightness Of Bums

I was looking through Craigslist apartment hunting, and a few of the postings struck me as odd, specifically the ones advocating spirituality.

I actively hate the entire concept behind spirituality because spiritual people strike me as religious people without any balls. Please, have the BALLS to say that all babies are born into sin and must be plunged headfirst into a tub of water while they are newborn by your local potential pedophile.

Spirituality offends me to the point where I get angry when it isn't even forced upon me. My current roommate has a Star of David in the hallway, which is mad-niggerish fine, but what really IRKS me are her books on spirituality and the inedible zen food she keeps in the fridge.

You can't raid a fridge where the bread looks like bricks.

And have you noticed that its the downright stupidest people who are spiritual? Have you ever in your life met a truly intelligent person into Feng Shui? I never have!

There's a bum that's always standing near the exit of the train I take to work. He's not like other bums, he doesn't beg for money, he doesn't act depressed, and he doesn't even talk to you. All this bum does is look at you and try to call attention to himself by wearing part of his shirt over his head.

That bum is spirituality.



Christianity - Its spiritualism...with balls (as evidenced below)

The Homeless World Cup. You've just won the Homeless World Cup, what are you going to do next?? "Well I'm going to wander the streets, because I CAN'T AFFORD TO CELEBRATE!!"


bagel said...

Since when are babtisms performed on infants? In my church they waited until you were at least 11.
They say it's because you can't make an informed choice until you're that old, but I think they're waiting for titties to sprout before they wet our tshirts.

GrooveTheory said...

OH MY GOD! I am completely speechless with this post.

David said...

Um, that's Judaism showing off it's balls. And everyone in bible times is lookin' mighty white there.

Flip X said...

If informed choices can be made at age 11, then we should totally lower the age of consent.

...and on that day, the Namblans rejoiced.

Deviant said...

David, I wish more jews were like you and less like my heeb soon to be ex black cocksucking roommate. :)

WDL said...

what about jews like me faggot?