Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Walker Texas Asshole
Supporting The Troops

“It is so much safer [in Iraq] and more relaxed, particularly in the Al Anbar province,” Norris said. “It is so much better than often conveyed by the liberal media.”
- The Examiner

I understand that action heroes should inherently be conservative, but don't you lose any street credibility for actually saying "liberal media?"

It's as if Rambo came out of Vietnam and implored America to stop its "bipartisan in-fighting."

Just shoot up and kill some camels while you're over there Chuck Norris and leave the talking points to Rush Limbaugh and the resurgence of the new young conservatives (all two of them).

I love my troops so much that I want them to live their entire life there and die honorably--or barring that--painfully, whilst defending the chaos that continually threatens the freedom of my ideals of which I change from time to time depending on my mood.

I support the troops Norris, and I will continue to support them all until the streets of Al Anbar are awashed in their blood!!


That was my battle yell, now if you'll excuse me I have an impending move to attend to.

Here's a video of a video game Chuck Norris beating up a dog:



Killer of gay boy revealed to be gay himself Haha fag!

A gallery of my potential movers guess who I'd like to move me. Hint: Think pale.



bagel said...

I have no idea what to say here.
You shouldn't write so well. There's nothing left to say.

WDL said...

I don't get it. Plus Chuck isn't beating up a dog. It's a rabid wolf.

I like when he jumps on it. It actually looked kind of fun.

I hope your gonorrhea is clearning up.


Deviant said...

Thank you thank you!