Thursday, September 13, 2007

Web 2.0
Not Without My Firefox Extensions

I totally joined facebook AND yelp, counting my youtube favorite's page and my myspace page, I'm web 2.0ing merrily down the street.

My problem is that I can't magically link all of these things up. I'd love for my facebook page to have my yelp reviews and my myspace page to feature a rotation of my favorite youtube videos...

But I just haven't found a way to do this!

Once more, I don't know of a decent firefox extension to notify on updates to all of these sites, nor can I find a way for Facebook to rotate my favorite youtube videos with a link to my myspace page with attached yelp reviews synced to Google Maps all in RSS feed form.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



David Beckham Am I correct?

Prince to reclaim internet from Pirates. Good luck asshole.

If I have to see that damned Chris Cocker video one more time...! I miss the youtube videos where he sucked on a dildo and danced around :( They were deleted unfortunately.


Too Hotty said...

Keep looking. Learn to program. Things like that come out all the time. Or handy alternatives.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY friend me on Yelp, loserface!

Eric said...

you can add facebook apps for yelp, youtube, flickr, etc.

you can install the facebook toolbar for firefox to get updates.

bagel said...

What's a firefox?
Is that kinda like a firecrotch?
Cuz um, I'm a redhead in bad need of some plugins.

Deviant said...

As usual, NONE OF YOU were of any help!

David said...

How old am I? I didn't realize yelp was a site, I just thought you were being onomotopoetic in recounting that you joined facebook.

I confirmed your friending me because it was the path of least resistance. Aside from confirming people friending me, I don't ever go to the site. I'm web -3.0

David said...

Also, you should check out Seth Green's response to Ms. Crocker.

Deviant said...

I saw Seth Green's response to Chris Cocker, and some other guy's response to Seth Green, and some other guy crying about crying.

Talk about beating a dead horse.

I highly recommend everyone read that profile of Chris from the Stranger as it adds a real dark twist to all of his videos. It converted me into a fan too!