Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nobody Cares About Britain

I know what the problem is. Too many people have too many opinions on things they don't know about.

I hear Dumbledore is gay, and I'm thinking that makes sense. I know gay readers of Harry Potter who predicted that, they say its all subtext in the stories, but people can't leave well enough alone. Immediately I start reading about how this is a ploy by JK Rowling to create more buzz, or how wrong it is for her to bring this up, or how its not even in the book so it shouldn't even be said...

When the hell did everyone get so opinionated over someone else's fictional character? Where'd you get this opinion that old aging British wizards can't be gay?

You think Merlin was all man?

The worst are all the straight people with their opinions on Dumbledore. Oh my lord just be quiet already, you don't know what its like to be gay so when J.K. Rowling tells you her character is gay, just nod your head and move on.

I was watching this show last night on HBO about Little Rock Central High School and a black teacher chides her classroom on how they've seated themselves around her room. "Look at you, whites on one side, blacks on the other..."

Let's have integration, but let the damn kids sit with their own race if they want to. There's no law that says we all have to get along, we just all have to start off with equal rights is all.

Look at me! Do you think I'm bothered that Obama's singer thinks homosexuality is a choice? You think I care that anyone thinks that? No way. People who think that are just idiots on the subject, and idiocy is simply something that has to be dealt with in life.

Writers have to be so opinionated, but the problem is writers are the least qualified people to have opinions on anything. Some lady says 9-11 was nothing compared IRA attacks in Britain, the hell? Whose keeping score?

Don't start your sentences with 'I think,' start them all off with 'I know,' and have the balls to back that up. If you follow that little rule you'll find the amount of sentences you form to dwindle down significantly. Now for a dance break, summon the technoviking!



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David said...

I think you're a self-satisfied prick.

Oh, sorry.

I KNOW you're a self-satisfied prick.

So...are you down for "Meet the Spartans"?

Deviant said...

From the makers of Epic Movie? Are you fucking kidding me!?